it’s time

It’s time for me to put it in writing; I’m no good at this blogging type stuff. So this is my last post.

That’s right folks, I’m shuttin’ er’ down.

I could list a bunch of reasons, excuses, failures, but i don’t see the point. It’s been almost 7 years and 3 blogs.

Thank you so much to you for following me here throughout the years. I really appreciate it. Thank you to those who have liked, commented, shared and talked to me personally about what I’ve posted here. Thank you to Katherine, for interviewing me and writing a piece for Treehugger. It was a pretty cool experience and brought a lot of you here.

I’m still out there being weird, choosing Instagram as my medium of self-expression. For whatever reason taking pictures of my life and posted them with hashtags is easier than this. I’m still a zero-wasting minimalist, Wonder Woman wannabe who is trying the best she can to better the world. I’ll be hanging out there if you want to join me.

So there you go. Have a great day. Thank you again. Truly.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.



4 thoughts on “it’s time

  1. I’m also sorry to discover that you are taking a hiatus from blogging. (Never say never!) While I am a new follower, I have really enjoyed your posts, the fact that you have shared part of your life with us. You are clearly a successful blogger, with 90 devoted followers. I have taken up your offer to continue to follow you on Instagram. Warm regards, ruth

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