i forgot may

Looks like I forgot about May.

We’re still continuing our zero-waste efforts, but I’ve had to loosen up on the fixed notions I had of doing zero-waste. Buying bulk here is stupid expensive, and sometimes the food isn’t as good as the packaged version. We’re still choosing glass/metal over plastic when we can, and still only fill up a grocery bag of trash every 2 weeks. Maybe (hopefully) one day it’ll be less, but for right now it’s good for us.

Minimalism seems to come more naturally to us. A couple of weeks ago we went shopping for some much needed summer clothes. We wound up going to the movies and out for dinner. We used to do this sort of thing all the time, without even thinking about. We’d usually spend more and come back with more, but even with sticking to a list and only buying what we needed, it still felt strange…awkward. Needless to say, we won’t be doing anytime soon. We feel better with less.

So how did May go?

  • We bought our ontario parks pass the other day and I can’t wait to start taking day trips with the kids.
  • Clothes shopping: still have to get some t-shirts for dear daughter, but the rest of us are outfitted for summer. I’m happy to avoid another shopping trip in the future.
  • Kids have been registered for camp and they are going for the same week this year: perfect time for us to reno the bathroom.

This month starts our reno season. We’re starting with our bedroom. We’re going to try buy as few new building materials as possible; reusing what we already have, or hit up the Restore to find anything else we need; buying new only when absolutely necessary. This formula seems to work for us since we started fixing up this place, so why stopped now, right?

Here’s what we’re planning for June…

  • Our daughter has a couple of art day camps this month, and those aren’t free.
  • Bedroom reno: any material needed for that.
  • I have to go through my camping gear and see what’s needed and what can be given away.
  • The glass stove top on the oven has met it’s end. We’re buying a used replacement top.
  • I’m thinking about doing some simple gardening. I’m not sure what yet, so I can’t be sure what I’ll need and if I can get it second hand. But if I have to buy new; than that’s what I’ll do.
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things…

Other than that, June is shaping up to be a pretty chill month.



8 thoughts on “i forgot may

  1. I can relate to your readjustment regarding your aim for zero waste. Of course one still aims for the big zero but as you have noted, it isn’t always possible or necessarily feasible. Also, changing one’s lifelong habits is easier said than done. My latest efforts are: I am not going to buy anymore teabags for our morning cup of tea once I run out. (When did I stop making pots of tea?) and I’m never buying another straw (why did it take me so long to see how unnecessary this item is?) Ruth

    1. we have nixed straws! i stopped buy cotton swabs (though i miss them dearly). i’m learning a new level of patience diving into this zero waste thing. i will not give up though, and i’m glad to know there are like minded people out there to go to for support:)

  2. It’s great to do whatever you can manage – we all have different time/ resources and options open to us – the one I haven’t tackled yet is milk in plastic given the deliveries here seem phenomenally more expensive but I should get round to looking into the local options more.

    1. we are lucky enough to have our grocery store carry milk in glass jars. but good grief our bulk food selection around here sucks. hopefully, though, one day it’ll all be main stream and we won’t have to worry about it:)

  3. You just gotta do you and it sounds like that is exactly what you are doing. I think the most important thing is that you are obviously being conscious of what you purchase and throw away, so even that is a huge step (most people do not even acknowledge their environmental responsibility). It sounds like you have a fun summer ahead of you 🙂 Good luck with the renos!

  4. Excited to see that you want to get back on track — please continue to share as new developments continue with the home redo. Would love to see pictures and see how you managed to go about it zero waste style!

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