Here’s to stating the obvious…it’s the last week of April.

For some reason it feels like this months has gone by way too fast. So fast, I really haven’t thought about next month.

April has been a month of up’s and down’s in terms of our zero-waste/buy nothing experiment. I’ll break it down for you…check out new goals/new month to get caught up…

Yard clean-up: The weather has been dramatic to say the least. I know, I know it’s Ontario, it’s spring, I should’ve known better. But I  digress… One day it’s gorgeous and you get a lot of yard work done and you feel accomplished, the next day it’s snowing and you feel like banging your head against the wall for washing all of the winter clothes and putting them away. You also realize you have no spring jacket and are reduced to wearing hoodies and tucking your hands into the sleeves freezing your ass off like some rebellious teenager who’d rather look cool than be warm. BTW, I don’t care about looking cool, I like being warm. That’ll show me fore jumping the gun. Oh well, it’s bound to warm up eventually, right? My point; the yard work has stalled till nicer weather shows up.

some yard clean up after math…photo by Ray Andrew

The Car: Parts arrived this month and hubby was very excited. During the minute it was nice outside he replaced the headlights and something else I can’t remember. Hubby works on the car in his spare time, so this will be an on-going project. It just has to be ready for September when we go to FanExpo in Toronto.

One Time Purchases: Kids have rubber boots. I do not. But I will. Scored some great stainless steel water bottles from the Salvation Army. Now everyone has their own. Haven’t purchased our park pass yet, because I forgot about it till just now. Kids summer camp sign-up will happen next month. Because; reasons.

Timmies: Hubby had a f*ck it day last week and bought 2 timmies, disposable cups and all. But has an offset, he’s now decided coffee is going out the window completely. So there you go.

Dad’s birthday dinner: We took my dad out for his birthday. It felt weird to be in a restaurant. I think the experience of dining out is no longer the blessed convenience it used to be, but now I see it as money that could’ve been spent elsewhere. I think eventually I will see it as a treat and a once-in-a-while sort of thing. Could also be that we wound up going out 3 more times that week.  We’ll never really know *cue ominous music*

Kids b-day party: It went well, and the kids had a lot of fun. It was beautiful outside so they played outside, made s’mores and played video games. It was a great zero-waste success!

Farmer’s Market: like any good procrastinator I’ve yet to do this step. But I will. Next month.

This month I’ve found myself torn between making do with what we have and wanting to buy without having to do the extra work it takes to find sustainable/ethical choices. Honestly, I really don’t like shopping and try to get what I need and be done with it as soon as possible. It’s easier to go the already established store and buy what’s there regardless of enviro impact than to scour the web hoping to find something that I both like and feel good about purchasing. It’s kinda messed up that this is the norm. But If I can make the effort to grocery shop zero-waste, surely I can do this. It’s just going to take time.

A bit of a lengthy post, but I think we’re doing pretty damn good for what we’ve set out to achieve. There’re more to learn and implement and that’s all part of the journey.

photo by Ray Andrew. This view never gets old



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