new month, new goals

April is here and so is the snow! So I guess yard clean up is going to have to wait for a couple weeks…but that’s Canadian weather for you. But I digress.


Now let’s get down to business…Check this post out for last months ‘rules’ and how it all started.

This month a lot is staying the same.

  • music lessons/field trips for the kids are ok
  • no dinners out.
  • no non-essential new or used items
  • all fixed expenses are obviously allowed
  • art supplies for hubby are ok
  • admissions to experiences are ok, but buy nothing while there.

Here’s what’s changing.

  • one time expenses like: car parts, kids summer camp, ontario park season pass, 2 water bottles (we’ve lost 2 and they need to be replaced), and 2 pairs of rubber boots.
  • Hubby is missing his Timmies, so every time he comes back from town without a coffee, he’ll put $2 in a jar (the price of his go-to caffeine fix). Then he’s saved up for next time.
  • my dad’s birthday is this month, so we’ll be going out for dinner for that.
  • our son’s birthday party is this month, so we’ll be extra goodies for him and his friends.
  • I’m setting up a table at a couple of farmer’s market this summer with some baked goods, so I’ll need a few things beforehand

Because the weather has/is so unpredictable right now and Hubby doesn’t have an indoor workshop, we’re holding off on renos till next month.  Instead, we’ll be cleaning up the yard once the snow melts and when we get a couple of nice days in a row, cleaning out our crawl space and shed.

I think that’s everything for now.

We’re being very honest with ourselves and understand that life is unpredictable and we can’t plan for everything. We’re trying our best to adhere to our goals and that’s all we can do.