hoppy easter

We did it!

We made it through the holidays with relatively little waste.

The weather’s been typically Canadian…nice one day, total crap the next. But here are some pics I took in-between stuffing my face full of glorious chocolate.


Weather: Cold . We had freezing rain the day before. Not conducive to an egg hunt outside.

My mom had me, my crew and sister’s family over for a tasty brunch/dinner. All of the kids had a frantic, but giggled-filled easter egg hunt in my moms basement. All the little chocolates and jelly beans were inside reusable plastic eggs my mom re-uses every year. Go Mom! The adults were given chocolate bunnies and mini eggs. We gave my mom and step-dad a little flower arrangement in a ceramic bunny vase. We also had a little combo b-day party for my mom and my little dude. We gave my mom a gift card and some adult colouring books she had asked for. Quinn got some moolah, a Lego Luke Skywalker and a Star Wars t-shirt.

*side note: I made up some goodies bags for my sister and her kids as a gift-giving experiment. Cloth wrapped bulk candy and homemade chocolate peanut butter bark*



Weather: pretty sunny and nice. But Hubby had to work so we just stayed around the house.


Weather: warm, wonderful and makes me eager for summer weather.

Hubby working again, but it was so lovely out and I took a video of the kids running around collecting chocolates and sent it to him. The kids also got little jewel coloured cacti and homemade chocolate bark. The lake was calm and there was very little wind. My mom and step-dad came over for a little visit. We went for a walk along the rock beach and explored. The kids and I had a light dinner outside, though we didn’t have any s’mores fixings it was still a really great day.


Weather: Craptacular. Cold. It started raining late last night and it hasn’t stopped. And it’s pretty windy out too.

Hubby’s at work. Today we’re having a lazy day, staying in our pj’s and watching tv. I’m going to make some cereal and granola, but that’s it.

Being in the throes of a buy nothing month made preparing for this holiday harder than I expected with a side order of guilt (but that’s another post entirely). Also, I’m new to this lifestyle, but I’m sure next year will be much better.



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