the little things

Today whilst scrolling through Instagram ( I love that little explore feature) I clicked on a couple of interesting pictures and they mentioned the little things they were grateful for. Instant mod booster. Reading other peoples blessings makes you, or at least it makes me, take a moment to reflect; what has been the little things that have made me grateful for that day, week, month, life?

Today it’s…

*Our little stone fire place. We had a planned power outage here this morning (crews working on hydro poles). It was only an hour, but we had a nice little fire going. It’s a little Pacific Energy wood burning insert. It has an electric fan built in, but we barely turn in on because that baby pumps out the heat. It’s surrounded by an awesome, what-sold-me-on-this-place, stone fireplace. The insert is a modern up grade, but the fireplace is original to our 60 yr old cottage. I could go on and on about it, clearly…


*Baking. Baking is something I find very soothing. It’s my art, my creative outlet. I get excited about trying new recipes. I love pinterest as a result. So many recipes. *drool* It’s also helped significantly with our zero waste/minimalist lifestyle. I bake our bread, make banana muffins, cookies and granola, among other things. I’ve also become more confident with cooking meals. Though waffles for dinner is always my fall back.


* Peanut butter and banana smoothies. So good for breakfast. Probably not the healthiest thing…but you know…I don’t care. Here’s the super specific recipe if you’re interested…

  • in a blender…
  • milk (any milk dairy or otherwise). More milk equals thinner smoothie.
  • 1 frozen banana.
  • big glob of all natural peanut butter. I love the Adam’s brand. It’s yummy and comes in a glass jar.
  • cocoa powder (however much you like, but it can get bitter if you add too much)
  • around a tsp of cinnamon.
  • about 3 tbsp of hemp seeds. Cuz their good for you.
  • blend and enjoy


So that’s today.  What are you grateful for?


4 thoughts on “the little things

  1. I am grateful for my awesome husband, my gorgeous daughter , my handsome son, my beautiful YOU and our tribe of grandkids raging in age from 1-13 💕
    I am grateful for our health and wellbeing .
    I am grateful for retirement .
    I am grateful for the place we live and the woods we share our space with.
    I am grateful for the beach
    Thank you for this opportunity to share 💕

  2. I have to say… baking has been a HUGE help for me in ZW-business! I love granola bars, and thought I’d have to give them up because I thought they were too difficult to make, and the fact that all store bought ones are wrapped in non-recyclable foil. Luckily, I found a super easy and delicious recipe that gives me nearly 20 bars. So baking is awesome. Fresh bread, cookies, granola bars, banana bread… the possibilities are endless.

    Gratitude is something I frequently visit with my students, as they, just like everyone else, tend to get caught up in the busy-ness and irritated-ness of daily life; frequently we talk about things that have displeased us somehow throughout the day, instead of validating the good moments. So I like that you posted about this today! Or… the other day 🙂

    Things I am grateful for TODAY:

    1) the weather today: a beautiful spring day, perfect for turning the compost
    2) the bugs in my compost: they do such hard work every day 😉
    3) friendly people: random individuals that shoot you a smile or say “Good morning” when you pass them on the street, in a store, on a trail, anywhere. I love those people.

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