day #18

Here we are, the Friday before the kids go back to school and more than half way through our buy nothing month experiment.

We’ve only made a couple of detours from our set rules; we had to grab brekkie on the go last week when hubby and I slept through our alarms and had to haul ass to drop our son off to spend a couple of days with my dad. And yesterday when we took the kids to see Zootopia and bought a large drink for all of us to share- cuz I still can’t smuggle drinks and snacks into the theatre with my current purse.

But that’s been it so far…

It’s been an interesting/sobering experience thus far for us. I’m happy  I’m not an online shopper; it would have made things harder I think. It’s made us pause for just a moment and think about whether we really need that item. And it’s in that moment that has made the biggest difference because the answer is almost always NO!

For me, I never really realized just how compulsive/impulsive we are with our shopping. Because we weren’t indulging in big ticket items I thought we were doing just fine…umm…not so much. All those little purchases add up real quick to a monetary amount that kicks you in the gut.

Seeing the surplus in the bank account has been very nice, not going to lie. I’m looking at the way items are marketed towards the public and it’s no wonder we got sucked in. It all looked so awesome. Now, I see the potential space it’s going to take up in my life.

When this month ends we’re not going to buy up everything in sight because we were so deprived…this isn’t a diet. What we’ve decided to do is reassess our needs each month. Next month we’re loosening up on going out for dinner and adding in parts for our car and reno materials for the cottage…Reno season starts next month WHOO HOO!!!! But that’s it. In May we’re adding clothes shopping (but just for that month and only a couple of times to get everything we need for the summer). Haven’t thought about June yet.

I think I’m going to post at the beginning of each month our new guides lines for next 30/31 days. It will be a cool way to keep track for us. I’d like to make this a year long experiment. Because as all of us parents know a year goes by so quickly.

Maybe Hubby should write something about what’s it’s like having a wife with crazy ideas…



2 thoughts on “day #18

  1. It is crazy how they can get you sometimes but once you make the conscious shift, everything changes. We aren’t doing a no spend month but are trying to save up 10,000 this year….everything is under the microscope.

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