snow day!


Last night a weather system moved through our part of the world and left us with a glorious amount of snow! The result: snow day!


*Honourable mention for this snow day goes to my hubby, who at 6 am this morning tried ploughing our snow packed street with his little ’87 cabrio VW convertible trying to get to work. He got stuck just past our driveway. Good thing we were able to tow it back to our house and he took our snow-loving-4×4-dodge truck instead. He doesn’t enjoy winter like I do and failed to see the humour in the situation.  Love you, Babe! *


It’s also day #2 of our no buy month. I fear I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security about the whole thing even though we’ve just started. Yesterday went well: no buying. Today we can’t go anywhere: no buying. We’ll see how confident I am once March Break rolls around with both hubby and kids off. I’m trying to be cautiously optimistic about it all. Again, this is just for us and there are no zero-waste police.

Easter is also this month, something I forgot about during my planning. Not sure how to zero waste this holiday yet. I’m open to any suggestions. So far I’ve only found a few easter candies package free. Seriously, suggestions please.

I’m going to enjoy one of the few winter days we’ve had this year. Spring is going to be here before I know it and I’m not quite ready to pack my snow boots away just yet.







4 thoughts on “snow day!

  1. what about making homemade apple sauce and putting in mason jars? the plastic reusable eggs that you could fill each year with bulk candies? (something we do) make chocolate bark ? hats and sunglasses for the summer months??

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