becoming one of ‘those’ people

Last night the family and I went to the movies. One of our favourite things to do together. We saw Kung Fu Panda 3, in case you were wondering…it’s a good movie…in case you were wondering.

We did an ok job at zero-wasting the occasion. I say ok, because hubby bought a pretzel at the concession stand (that was wrapped in paper; not too bad, we can compost that) but we bought a large drink for all of us to share (plastic straw and plastic topper included; normally everyone would get their own drink, so we did reduce).

Snacks were bought ahead of time. That’s right, everyone! I’ve become one of those people; sneaking in treats in her big purse, which were purchased at Wal-Mart of all places. They have a very small bulk section with nuts, seeds, and a lot of junk that’s not good for you at all…perfect for the movies. And because no one there cares how these goods make it to the cash register (unlike Bulk Barn)…in my homemade bags these little morsels of sugar and processed whatever went. We memorized the bin codes. When we placed our goodies on the belt the cashier looked a little confused until we started rhyming off codes to her. Her only comment, “How did you remember all those codes?”

We waited until the lights went down in the theatre to dive into our snacks…no one noticed these were smuggled snacks. They were delicious and no f**ks were given.

We enjoyed the movie and went home.

I realize now that I should’ve taken some pictures of this. I will next time.

It’s been oddly fun for me to figure out ways to make these family outings zero-waste. I looked forward to researching other zero wasters and see what they have done; read blogs, or watch youtube videos. Sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for exactly, like in our case of going to the movies, but I make do and then write about our experience in the off chance someone out there in the interwebs is looking for ways to zero-waste a movie theatre trip.





3 thoughts on “becoming one of ‘those’ people

  1. I always take my reusable water bottle. Just have to make sure it’s a large enough bag. I wouldn’t have an issue being challenged on it, either, since it’s ridiculous to expect me to accept a plastic disposable bottle! Not happening…

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