buy nothing…for a month…sort of

I pitched an idea to my hubby as we started our zero waste journey; what about a buy nothing month?

He looked at me with reservation and asked me to be more specific. Here’s what I proposed, oh and we decided that March would be a good time:

  • spend nothing on new or used non-essentail items for one month
  • dinners out count as a non-essential
  • music lessons/field trips/essentials for kids are a go
  • art supplies are permitted (hubby is an artist and has commissions he’s currently working on)
  • fixed expenses along with groceries and gas are obviously allowed
  • no Timmies for hubby unless trips in the car last over an hour
  • admission to prov. parks and movie theatres are permitted, but buying nothing within (the kids are on march break and hubby has time off during the same week so decided this was a good compromise)

*Both my mom and my son have birthdays next month, but we’re getting the gifts now.*

The big reason we’re doing this is we are spontaneous people, which means we’re spontaneous shoppers. And with our commitment to zero-waste, less stuff brought into the house the less potential waste we’ll produce. Saving some money is also a motivator. Reno season is fast approaching…

And there you have it. I’m excited about this. Maybe excited nervous. We’re not going too be hard on ourselves if we slip up. Things happen. Stuff you can’t foresee. That’s life.






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