family day trip

We just got back from a whirl wind family day weekend in Sauble Beach and Blue Mountain.

It was our first trip zero-wasting and it was a fail on that part.

We had lots of fun though; skating, walking through Blue Mountain Village, an evening swim outdoors in a lovely heated pool, and spending time with my in-laws. it was face-hurting cold, but it was great. The kids learned the art of proper layering when the temp is -31 degrees celsius with the windchill. And I learned just how much I love it when it’s stupid cold outside!



The zero waste took back seat this weekend, mainly because I had no idea what to pack or what we would be doing. However, our little family of 4 said no to straws, and plastic bags. Our scrumptious left over pizza came in a cardboard box (to be burned later in our fireplace) and we brought our water bottles. My hubby took his favourite travel mug with him as well. So I think for our first go around we didn’t too bad.

Now I have a better idea of what to bring next time; cloth napkins! I also think we should get the kids some reusable travel mugs because they love hot chocolate and hot apple cider…which also stay warmer in a mug than paper cup.

Happy Family Day everyone:)





4 thoughts on “family day trip

  1. Since I am seriously in the zero waste, I haven’t did trip yet, so it is verry exciting to see that it is possible! And I really have to do this: to said no to the straws! :p

  2. Good start! It’s really not easy in the beginning to prepare everything in advance. I’m also still practicing. Just need more road trips for that 🙂

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