quick little post

I just started listening to The Minimalists podcast recently and I love it. It’s a weekly cast where they, obviously, focus on the minimalist life. Their podcast about Stuff gave me the kick in the ass I needed after the gift-giving craziness of the holidays and the slow down of winter.


One of their suggestions was to have a box out in a common area and fill it with things you no longer need. When the box is full, you donate it. They share the example of the 90/90 rule. If you haven’t used something in 90 days or are not going to used in the next 90 days, do you really need to keep it?


This is what we have in our ‘box’.

I think a 365/365 rule will best serve us. By the way, we’ll be having a big garage sale in the summer..look for the flyers.

But for now we’ll keep putting a box in the living room and slowly fill it with things that are no longer useful to us, in the hopes someone else will find use/joy of it.

Oh, these guys also have a documentary coming out in May and hopefully it’ll be coming to Canada shortly after. Check them out.


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