fire in the belly

I’m a person who can get overwhelmed by the weight of life problems. I’m like Sadness from Inside Out. I can’t watch the news, or read newspapers, or watch certain tv/movies because I go into doomsday mode and feel like drinking some tainted kool-aid, hide under a sheet and wait for Hale Bopp to come along and take me to the mother ship.

Children of Men, I’m looking at you!

But when I do work up the nerve to watch a potentially life changing documentary I hope I walk away feeling empowered rather than sickened and defeated, as most docs do, I’m my opinion.

So during my research for zero waste living, I came across as trailer for a doc called The Clean Bin Project. So clicked on the trailer link. I liked the idea of competing with my partner to see who can produce the less amount of waste in a single year (FYI; I would kick my hubby’s butt!) The trailer painted a more informative, you-can-do-something-about-it picture. Then I watched it. It opened my eyes and gave me a new insight about the world of packaging and our culture’s throw away lifestyle. I loved everything about it.

Here’s the trailer…

So I email the creators, Jenny Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin, to let them know I think they rock. Jen, (that’s right, we’re on a first name basis and basically besties) emailed me the next day saying thanks for the kinds words and had I watched their other film about food waste, Just Eat It? She provided me the link. And then wished me luck with my families journey to zero waste. Nice lady, that Jen.

I had not, in fact, watched it and clicked the link. Just Eat It is about their 6 month challenge to only eat discarded food and the appalling amounts of food that’s gets thrown away everyday. It blew my mind that grocery stores are so frivolous with pitching food. Good, perfectly intact, nothing-wrong-with-it, food. That makes no sense to me.

Here’s the trailer…

I came away with a sense of empowerment. I CAN do something. I don’t want to crawl under rock and cry. I feel like I’m taking action. Because every time I bring a container to the grocery store I have a little conversation with the employee about what I’m doing and why.

Sort feeling like She-Ra, Princess of Power!







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