this poor little blog

First things first….

Every year I try to commit to writing more. I like writing. I get all piss-and-vinegar about it, typing away like mad woman. But inevitably by February I just can’t seem to find the gumption to write anything and this poor little blog starts to collect cobwebs until such a time where I feel guilty for my abandoned blog and try to give it some attention.

I’ve changed it’s name and purpose so many times I’m sure I’ve given it an identity complex. Now it plots my demise, biding it’s time until it can exacts its revenge on me. I’m thinking of some sort of Doctor Who TV face sucking alien will destroy me and turn me into a faceless nobody. This is the kind of stuff I think about late at night. I digress.  I’m sorry little blog for being an utter shite to you. You deserve better and all I can do is try and swing by more to make sure you’re not huddle in the corner of the inter webs talking to yourself in hushed, angry tones. I’ll bring chocolate chips cookies and we’ll watch Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire for the billionth time and laugh about what a crappy, inattentive blogger I am. It’ll be fun.

Which leads me to why I’m starting back up and why the name has changed (again, sorry blog).

This year, I (with hubby and kids in tow) made a resolution to be more mindful about my (our) consumption and have a better awareness of my (our) actions on the environment. For me this means going zero-waste and parring down our lives to only things we need. I’m collecting a bunch of links to youtube channels, instagram accounts and websites I find inspirational and maybe you will too. I think i’ll make a page to put all of these links, make it easier on myself (any maybe you) when I (you) want to watch a video or read a new post. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I’ll do that.

This go around I’m going to use this space as a record of the progress me and my family have made. I hope I can shake off the chains of insecurity and just write about what I’m passionate about.

So there you go.




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