the kitchen

I’m the first to admit my kitchen is not ideal. It’s not the best use of space. Though we’ve ripped out the old island (because it was rotting and built a new one) the original layout remains; a 49 sq ft (the average size is between 100-200 sq ft.) , galley-style kitchen with the bare necessitates. Our cottage, like most, was not designed for permanent residence. Small closets, limited shelving and storage were all you needed for a one week stay. But when you’re living in this type of space full time you quickly realize the importance of good storage, a functional floor plan and using the space in the best way possible. Also, the difference between a want and a need, but that’s for a later post.


It’s not much, but it’s ours. The island is in the same spot as the original. Hubby built this new island with new and reclaimed wood. 


The drawer holds a lot! The front is made from reclaimed wood and pulls are vintage. The shelves are very deep and have enough height that I can store my mixer! 


This hutch belonged to my Nana. It serves as our pantry. It does the trick. 

As you know we are slowly renovating our cottage, and the kitchen is on the list…not very high on said list, but it’s there all the same. Right now it’s a one person kitchen. Hubby and I can both fit in there but we quickly get into each others way and someone gets kicked out. Like I said, it’s not designed for long-term usage. I’ve been browsing through pinterest and have pinned a few pretty pictures of well decorated kitchens and am excitedly waiting for the kitchen to finally make it to the top of the ‘to-do’ list.

It’s not that I think we need a bigger space, I truly don’t, I think it just needs a layout shift to make it more open and useful. We have everything we need; oven, fridge/freezer, big sink, countertop, and storage. So for right now it works pretty well. The food tastes the same whether its made in a giant gourmet cooks dream space, or a hobbit sized nook.


But let me tell you, when the hammers start flying in our kitchen I’ll be doing a happy dance because I know we’ll love it that much more.


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