reno season

What a winter. A million times better than last year, even though it was colder. We went to Florida, strolled through Diagon Alley, meet Mickey and took a journey to Mars. Came home to frozen water lines and discovered just how much water we really use in a day. It’s a lot, even in our small cottage with one bathroom. But that’s for another post I guess.

The water line was fixed a week later, march break, comic-con with the kids, my baby turned 7 and the ice started to thaw; though there’s still a fair bit of ice floating around out there. Needless to say March flew by.

But with warmer weather comes renos, at least in this household. We don’t have garage or shop for my hubby to work throughout the winter, so we have to wait till spring. This week we’ve re-finished the floor in, what will soon be, the kids separate bedrooms. Whoo hoo!

We’re very lucky the wood floors were in pretty good condition already. 60 year old pine! It saves us a lot of money replacing them. A bit of patchwork was needed because we took out the closets’ and a partial wall, leaving chunks on floor missing. We found some awesome reclaimed floor that match ours, and 2 days, 1 industrial sized floor sander, kids sleeping out in the living room and 2 cans of stain later, the floors look fantastic.

a049871a-1e8b-4528-a849-180a4755b90dwe choose Saman’s Dark Chestnut wood stain. It’s low VOC and water based and used Saman’s flat mat waterbased varnish to seal it.

e1261265-51d8-4f7d-ba4b-75f6ad823b0dfinished patchwork…I think it looks awesome.  

This weekend the kids are going to hangout with their grandma, have a ton of fun, while we start the process of separating the large room they share.

I’m excited for the next few months and the transformation our little place.


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