here’s to hope

What’s the opposite of having a green thumb? Whatever it is I have it. A lot of it. So the opposite of a green thumb I have sent many a ‘drought tolerant’ plant to its grave.

Once vibrant cacti, succulent, various grasses, thyme, anything needing watering on a regular basis, have all come to my house with hope and health only to wither and die, sad and alone in a corner of my kitchen covered in dust.

This sounds so sad.

But this plant gives me a smidgen of hope that I’m not a complete plant serial killer.


her plant from s/k. i love it. alive and, mostly, well since 2011. 

This little spider plant has managed to last 4 years under my ‘care’. I have no idea how that’s happened. I’m now sure it’s a new mutant species of plant just biding its time till it revolts and takes over the world. Because there’s no earthy reason for this sucker to still be alive.

It gives me hope because I have glorious dreams of lovely tended gardens full of veggies and perennials. Butterflies flitting about on the breeze. Honey bees zipping from flower to flower. Ivy covered trellis and fence. Fragrant roses blooming happily.

I may need help with this. A lot of help. I still hold out hope that when the snow melts I can take a corner of our property and try my hand at some daisies. Or echinacea. Maybe plant some creeping thyme. Oh and our soil is gravel and bed rock. Raised beds maybe be the ticket to my success. Hear that, Hubby? Raised beds. Get your chop saw ready.





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