when i’m left to wander around a health food store

Tried something new today.



more blueberry than maple. not sure there was any maple in there. 

I’ve heard of kombucha before while watching one of favourite youtubers, Kirsten Dirksen. Basically, kombucha is the process of fermenting black or green tea leaves giving it an efferevences, It has its roots in Asia. Watching the process on Kirsten’s video didn’t look appealing at all. I’ll be honest, I thought anyone getting on this bandwagon had no tastebuds, and eats things like stinging nettle and clay. The thought of drinking a fermented tea didn’t seem desirable, and  a good chance it would smell like raunchy feet.

I picked it up and went to the checkout anyway. life’s too short not to try fermented blueberry maple flavoured tea.  What’s the worse things that could happen? It’s gross and Hubby says he told you so.

Must prove him wrong.

It does smell a bit like raunchy feet. It had me feeling like a chump for spending $3.99 on the stupid bottle. But I’d gone this far, took a sip and was pleasantly surprised by its very mild taste. A hint of sweetness (like a whisper of a hint) and a nice fizziness I wasn’t expecting.

It’d go well with vodka too. Just saying.

While there’s no scientific evidence yet, proprietors of kombucha boast numerous health benefits; helps with insomnia, baldness, digestive issues, cancer, and a host of other illnesses and aliments. It makes you burps like a champ too.

I don’t care so much about the health benefits, I just like the taste. I think it’s a great substitute for pop as it only 3 g of sugar in a 355ml bottle. Leaps and bounds better when you compare it to the 45 g of sugar in a can of my favourite root beer pop.

I rarely drink pop, but I’m trying to reduce the amount of sugar I take in. I’ll be picking this up when I’m getting a craving for a fizzy drink.

Hubby refused to try it.





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