i love winter

The past few days we’ve had some awesome winter weather; bright blue skies, crisp temperatures, no snow.  Hubby was off this past weekend which is also awesome. We went out for a mini adventure this past Sunday.


sorta looks like another planet. 

We decided to head out onto the frozen shoreline of our lake and climb some ice mountains. They’re not nearly as big as last years, but still lots of fun to walk on and explore.


one of last years adventures. you can in the background just how much ice we had. 


just outside of the this frame is thinly ice covered water. you could hear it shift and creak. 

The kids had a ball and now that hubby knows how deep the water is and where is drops off, he’s much better about going out onto the frozen portion of the lake.

We have tall cedars in front of our place to block the wind coming off the lake. Once you past those babies your likely to get blown over, especially in the winter. However, Sunday was calm enough Hubby made a fire in our outside fire pit, with the intention of cooking dinner outside. So with the fire made, kids bundled, dog freaking out because she’s nuts and likes to bound around outside like she’s a puppy (she’s 11 years old as of April) we set out.


the dog is begging for the girl to throw the stick. 

The kids slid down little wee hills of ice and grabbed chunks of ice and tried throwing them into the open water and just generally had a good time. Hubby and I threw sticks with the dog and tried to keep her out of the open water.



bright red cheeks and a big grin, nothing better. 

About an hour and a half later, because the wind had picked up a bit and our faces were bright red and stinging from the cold, we made our way back to the cottage.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the fire going enough to cook everything outside, so we had a reverse dinner (dessert before dinner, which we do a lot) and made s’mores instead.



it also toasts the graham crackers too…yummy. 

That evening, once we had warmed up and Hubby made some awesome chicken burger and french fries, we watched movies and hung out.

my kind of weekend.


so good you don’t care how cold your hands are. 

p.s. Push-up challenge is going well. Hubby’s already surpassed his goal of 25 by the end of the month and now as a new goal of 30. I’m up to 7 and with a few more days left of January, I think I can do it.




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