making the most of the space you have

Living in a small space does require a certain amount of compromise from everyone living in said small dwelling. Common spaces often have multiple purposes. Take our dining room for example. It serves as our eating space, homework space, craft room and catch-all. The living room is also the guest room, gaming room, library, family room and home theatre. The bathroom is also the laundry room, linen closet, and storage room. And with only one bathroom we also have to use a sort of triage system. If you’re about to pee your pants you get dibs over everyone else. Course this doesn’t happen all that much, but you get the idea.

It all sounds a little cramped. All these multi-purpose spaces. I guess it can be at times. Our cottage was not meant to be lived on full time and the storage in at a minimum. The small closets’ were used for only a weeks worth of clothes. So now our job is to fit these spaces with the necessary storage we need. We also have a great crawl space that stores seasonal items.

Right now most of out things are in boxes lined along the walls. We are going room to room building custom units to fit our stuff. This will bring a bit of order and make our cottage feel more spacious. Our multi-purpose rooms will have some order and better flow.

Course not having a lot stuff helps too. Having sold most our possessions about a year and half ago we actually had to buy/borrow furniture and appliances to fill our little place.

There’s lots of great resources out there for tiny house design, or to better use the space you already have. Here are a few of my favourites…

Kirsten Dirksen she’s a film maker that tours Europe and North America documenting people and the way they live.

RelaxShacks DotCom Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen is a self-taught carpenter. He builds little retreats out of salvaged materials.

Inside the Cabin A tumblr account dedicated to cabins/cottages/rustic spaces. It just inspired me.

Pinterest Because, let’s face it, this place is pretty rad. Type in small kitchen plans, or tiny bathroom storage ideas, or DIY sparkle gingham hair barets, and BOOM, links and pictures to help you on your way.

Do you have any favourite sites or youtube videos that inspire you and the way you live?

P.S. Pictures will be coming soon as we start back up with our renos this month.


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