i move at a turtle’s pace

Snow days have a way of making the whole world slow down. Well, at least my little community. People are forced to bundle up in their homes and ride out the storm. There’s no rushing around from appointment to appointment, or classes, lessons or games. You have to sit in your house, make some tea and just be. It’s calming.



ok, not tea, but homemade hot chocolate is just as lovely. 

I’m getting into the slow movement. Just taking a step back from the hectic world and taking time to make things. Read books. Walk down a street. Say no to all the possible busy things that can make you go crazy. In fact, hubby and i planning a new ‘slow life’ experiment. We have to iron out the details so stay tuned.

As you can probably tell I’m not a Type A personality. There’s nothing more I like than to sit on my couch wearing my favourite oversized sweater, booked nestled in my lap, cup of tea waiting patiently on the coffee table, and listen to the crackling fire and roaring waves.


the ice mountains are starting…

I do have busy days, but they’re few and far between. I don’t think its necessary to have a jammed packed schedule. I don’t thrive off of that. I’m at my best when I’m making bread, or reading a book, or watching a great movie/show, talking to my hubby/kids/family/friends and just hanging out.

Stress in not my friend. It makes me anxious and start to shut down. The renos here at the cottage are a perfect example. Right now there’s nothing going on, but as soon as some nice weather hits it’ll start and all I’ll want is for it to be over.

Sometimes I do wish I had a bit more get up and go. Spearhead through life and get sh*t done. I do admire those traits in the Type A. I’m a procrastinator. The level of ambition and motivation the Type A’s have is amazing. I stand back and watch with awe as things get done in a blink of an eye.

I may be an organized person with a need for a tidy space, but you bet I’m making cookies the night before the bake sale and washing the kids lunch boxes the morning of school. That’s just how I roll.

Happy #4 snow day everyone.






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