damn the man! save the empire!

I didn’t actually say my plans out loud, but apparently the universe still heard all the things I wanted to do today and now the main roads are closed, the lake is turning up some serious waves and the kids have yet another snow day their first week back to school.

Oh well.

My kids are having a great time. I am too. We’re in our pj’s, watching Phineas and Ferb, soon making cookies, and overall chilling.


snow day activity. 

I love my kids. They’re pretty awesome. Laid back and super fun. Disclaimer: I won’t put out any parenting advice or lists or how-to’s or anything like that up here on this blog. It’s not my place to tell/suggest to you how you should parent your kids. I’m a mom just writing her thought and feelings down.


I feel like the world has gone into super bitch mode. Constant complaining and worrying and even despair. Articles/blogs/news/shows about how hard it is to be a parent- yeah it’s hard, but so what? It’s more awesome than anything else. The weather sucks- of course it does, human don’t hibernate and we in Canada can experience all four seasons in one day, forcing us to hunker down in our dwellings till it passes. Every shred of terrorism is blown up on repeat making it seem like it happens everyday, all the time, everywhere. It doesn’t. We are safer with fewer wars than ever in recorded history.

I realize I’m complaining about complaining, but if we’re ever to survive this world there has to be a turn of perception. Not with our heads in the sand hoping the bad things go away, but seeing light in even the darkest of situations.

It’s so easy to find dismal news and horrible statistics. Fear-mongering is so saturated in our news that when something positive actually happens everyone is surprised.

It’s a great time to be alive people! Look at the wonders around us. We can get on a plane and travel to anywhere in the world. We can eat food not found natively in our hemisphere. You can talk to someone who lives half way across the world. We are living longer. Witnessing a human being grow up is a wonderful experience. It’s all pretty fantastic when you think about it.

I may joke and say sarcastic things and even complain, but if I let all the negativity into my life, I’ll never leave the house. So maybe this is more of a note to tell myself to stay positive. To not let ‘the man’ get me down. The world is awesome- I just have to keep remembering that.






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