i didn’t makes any plans today

Some days you just feel like you have your sh*t together. Today is that day. Kids are off to school, dishes done, wood stacked, cottage is (mostly) tidy and the driveway has been cleared out. Took me a while to get the snow blower going, but a phone call to Hubby to refresh my memory on which switches to flip and few tries later she was reluctantly up and running.


the wee beastie. chews up everything including, but not limited to; sticks, chunks of ice, rocks, newspapers, and christmas lights.

I like tending to our little piece of property. Cutting the grass in the summer, sweeping the fallen leaves on the patio in the fall, shovelling paths in the snow. It makes me feel purposeful and determined. The ‘i got this!’ vibe.  I feel like strutting around the house to some Martha and The Vandellas!

Last winter we were very unprepared for the crap-tacular weather. I think most people were.  We had just moved in over christmas, did a quick (needed) reno, everything was a big ole mess. We had to learn how to use a wood fireplace to heat the cottage along with electric heaters…we had a few crisp mornings that’s for sure. Didn’t help the winter lasted well into April. but we survived and learned our lessons.

Even though some of the things didn’t get checked off our before winter to-do list, I still feel miles ahead of the game compared to last year. I’ve tried over the past year and a half to live by the mantra; it gets done when it gets done. Enjoy life. So far it’s working. There have been a few times when I wish I could snap my fingers and all the renos would be done in a flash; I will admit that.

For now, I will continue to shovel snow, take a few tries to get the snow blower going and haul wood into the cottage.


about an hour outside…i need a balaclava. 





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