best laid plans lead to snow days.

Today was supposed to be gym day. Today was going to kick my butt into gear and get me back on track to be healthier and more bad-ass . But mother nature is being moody. Instead of Hubby and I sending our precious little darlings off to school, they are now painting, the boy is still in his TMNT pj’s and the lake kicking up some serious wind.

Ah, the blessed snow day.

The kids are excited and actually I like the slow paced day. I’m more than ok with lounging around the house and watch the world become white with much needed snow. If the roads weren’t crappy we would have just packed the kids into the car and taken them with us to the gym, but we live about 20 mins away from said gym and I’m not about to traverse snow drifts and white out conditions to slug barbells around.

If the weather lets up a bit we can get out and get a few groceries, but for the most part we’re hunkered down while the fire place roars and the house smells of freshly brewed coffee. I have the perfect view for watching rolling waves and blowing snow.

1505056_10155120611425601_9145376607162866152_n just outside our front door 

I’ll eat better to today. I’ve already started the day with a protein smoothie. This makes me feel better about the lack of gym time. Isn’t it mostly diet anyway?

Though just now, Hubby challenged me to a max push-ups; full-plank-no-knees-on-the-ground push-ups because we’re missing out on our workout. It must be said that body weight movements are not our forte and I usually do banded push-ups or have my knees on the ground.

Me: 3

Hubby: 10

I feel happy about this, because it’s the most unassisted push-ups I’ve done since I was 18. Hmmmm, new challenge; 10 by the end of the month! I can do it.

Alright, I’m off to finish the last chapter a book I’ve been reading for far too long and start another one. Gotta put a dent into the book pile on my night stand.

Happy snow day everyone.





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