It’s 2015; which means I’m about to tell you what’s going to be different about this year, but more of how it will stay the same.

New Year’s bring about it a fresh new look on life.  You find a new energizing buzz radiating through you singing with ambition. Suddenly you can do anything and the whole world is your oyster! Climb Everest! Swim the Atlantic Ocean! Ride the back of a shark! Win the noble prize for physics for your discovery of time travel!

I’m no different. I’m in full-blown resolution mode. I have all these exciting ideas and I’m bursting with inspiration. I can’t help myself. It’s like heroin.

Last year was great and trying all at the same time. I had to learn to let things go and move on. I had to trust myself more and believe in myself more. This will continue throughout this year.

I’ve also set some fitness goals. I’m doing a Tough Mudder in August with my hubby and some friends. This will require me to amp up my training and the way I eat. It’s true you can’t out train a bad diet. So next week, after a 2 week break, that including a crap ton of binge eating, I’m headed back to the box for a proper ass whooping. I’ve also signed up for a nutrition talk at the box. I love food, but I can’t keep eating my feelings.

I’d like the lessons I learned last year to lead me to more intention in my life.

But there are a lot of things I’d like to stay the same. I love where we live. I love our tiny house. Our kids are awesome and Hubby and I will continue to parent them in much the same way as we’ve always done. Hubby and I will continue to be overly mushy and affectionate and be the awesome duo we are. And I will continue to beat to my own drum and never apologize for it.

Oh, New Year’s, you are a saucy little minx and I look forward to you every year.





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