The up’s and down’s of DIY all-natural experiment

So going completely chemical free has been pretty easy. What hasn’t been easy is making my own products. I’ve had some success and some not so great successes. 

Success #1- making my own deodorant. I wrote about it before, and it still remains the same. I love it. Will never buy another stick of that other stuff as long as I live. Hubby is even one board as it has past the sweaty Crossfit test.

Sorta success #2- making my own toothpaste. I’m the only one in the house doing this. I figured as much. I say sorta success because I really don’t like the taste. I could add an entire bottle of peppermint extract to the baking soda and all I would taste is baking soda with a peppermint aftertaste. So this one is going to need some work. Anybody who has a great home made toothpaste recipe without the epic amounts of baking soda I’m all ears.

Not-a-success #3- going no-poo. I was really looking forward to this one. Especially because I’ve read about friends successes with it. I bought my castile soap and apple cider vinegar with great hope. I mixed up a baking soda-castile concoction and it was great for the first wash, but by week 3 my hair was greasy feeling and dry at the same time and the curls that are usually bouncy and light were now lifeless and almost straight.  My hair looked terrible. Even hubby thought so, in a very nice political way.  Relenting I washed with my regular eco-freindly shampoo and conditioner. It took two washes for my hair to go back to it’s bouncy, soft self. I think maybe this part is just not meant for me. Oh well, lessoned learned. 

Super success #4- keeping gluten out of my diet. Been over a month now and I’m feeling great. Not counting the week I was sick, I’ve been feeling lighter and less tired. I tired Bob’s Red Mill pizza crust mix the other night and it was AWESOME! Bob is an awesome guy. Next is trying to make a loaf of gf bread that doesn’t taste like dust. Wish me luck.

And sorta success #5- trying to reduce our household garbage. This one has been a mix bag for me. We have tons of canvas bags to take with us. I buy unpackaged produce and buy bulk toilet paper and dog food. But buying at the bulk barn is not as cheap as I thought it would be. It’s more expensive is some respects. I want to reduce my over all waste out-put, but I also have to stick to a budget and the two don’t seem to go together. If someone out there could help me with tips or a link that has worked for them I’d greatly appreciate it. 

My next goal is to sit down and actually write something of fiction. I’ve had the urge, but not the time. I’d like to have a few chapters of something original down by march break. Maybe my next challenge is to try find a balance. That’s a huge undertaking for someone who sucks at time management. But I’m going to try and find time for it. 

Have a great snow everyone!




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