Be-lated Christmas gift.


Unpacking from a move really is like christmas.

I was convinced I had lost these two notebooks. They’re special to me because they contain nearly every random story idea I’ve had for the last 4 years. Some are just a line or two of what flashed before me. Others are more developed with characters and chapter plot outlines.

For some reason I took to jotting down the ideas in the most unorganized way possible. Some are written in the back, some in the front, making their way to the middle. Some loose scraps of  paper are clipped together because they are part of the same story and I wrote down ideas on whatever piece of paper I could find at the time. It’s a mess. I guess that’s how my brain works when it comes to this.

Cue to a weird, but very vivid dream I had this morning. I grabbed a notebook, opened it to the first available blank space and started scribbling down everything I could remember. I drew a rough sketch of the landscape and a strange looking animal that seemed important.

Somewhere out there there has to be a device that will let you record your dreams. I’d buy one of those suckers in a heart beat. I’m missing some great stuff by forcing myself to remember every detail of my dream.

Now to keep these babies in my sight and never put them away!


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