Last day of December



It always looks worse before it gets better. Always. 

Yesterday, Hubby and I got the bright idea to rent a U-Haul and empty out our 15 x 10 storage locker we’ve had since June. We thought, we don’t have that much, we’ll do it ourselves. 

Yeah, we’re dumb. But it’s done. We’ll be limping and kvetching about our sore backs for the remainder of the week. 

We have more stuff than we thought. A lot more. I don’t know why we’ve kept half go the things we have. A spring cleaning will be in order once it’s nice enough outside. Some of the items I thought I’d like to keep don’t actually fit in our new place, so they’ll have to find other homes to live in. My level of attachment to things has dropped to the point where if it doesn’t have a purpose – it goes. Simple as that. 

Now comes the fun part of trying to find homes for our things. I’m a huge believer of everything having a place in your home. We don’t have a lot in the way of storage closets, but we have a crawl space which it housing all the seasonal stuff, and the few closets we do have are being cleaned; riding of dust and cobwebs. 

I like organizing. I like it more when it’s already done. 

I’m giving myself a couple of days to get this place in a state where we aren’t ducking and weaving around boxes and totes. It looks like a bad game of jenga around here. 

Plus it’s New Year’s Eve and I have to account for party time tonight. Let’s be honest here. 



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