Every Sunday for years I have dutifully made my way to the PostSecret website. With bated breath, I eagerly wait for the new secrets to appear on my screen as my computer does whatever computers do, and I sit there silently for 5 mins as I scroll down the page; reading everything from life affirming messages (I love waking up to sunrises with you),  to disturbing admissions of betrayl (I wished I’d told the doctors to pull the plug while you were in a coma), to brutal honesty (I hate college, but hate going home even more). Here you find the best and worst of human emotion. Real emotion. Human beings living and breathing just trying to survive; some having better luck than others. It’s people watching concentrated. 

If you’ve never checked it out, I think it’s worth at least one go around.  Your problems may seem small by comparison, or you may think anonymous senders of these homemade post cards don’t really have it that bad. Sometimes you find something that resonates deep within you telling you you’re not alone. Those ones are my favourite.  

Maybe one day I’ll work up the nerve to send a secret in. 


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