Guest Post for Feisty Red Hair

I have a groovy friend named Katherine. She’s like a renaissance woman. She cooks, writes, debates, travels, awesome momma to 2 sweet boys and a dear friend. Her blog, Feisty Red Hair, is a place to find recipes, book reviews and thought about the world at large. She’s honest and passionate about the way she  feels. I admire this.

A couple of months ago I pitched an idea to her; write a post about the changes Hubby and I have made in our lives. She agreed. One of the perks of writing for a friend’s blog- no deadline, well not a hard one anyway. It took me longer than I thought. More revisions than I thought. Turns out I’ve never really explained it before.

Patiently she waited, and this morning she posted it on her blog.

Check it out. Oh, and make sure you browse her blog too. She’s true to her blog title!

Have a fantastic Wednesday, I know I’m going to.


p.s. today I’m gathering all my random notes for a story I’m writing and start writing a synopsis.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post for Feisty Red Hair

  1. will do, it was awesome to get such a supportive response, not that I thought people who critize me, but still it was nice:) so thank you again, and if you’d like to guest post here, I’d love to have you:)

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